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When Should Electrical Wiring Be Replaced?

Flipping a switch and having the light come on, plugging in the coffee maker in the morning, and turning on your TV–all of these require electricity. Your home’s electrical wiring works to bring you the power you need as you go about your day. Many people don’t give this hardworking system any thought–until something goes wrong.

Problems in your home’s electrical wiring can cause you to lose power–but they can also cause serious injuries and start fires. It’s crucial to maintain your electrical wiring to keep you and your family safe–and to keep the lights on.

So, how can you tell that your electrical wiring needs to be replaced? Most homes have older electrical wiring systems, often original to when the house was built. There are some clear signs that it’s time to replace your old electrical wiring, which we’ll explore in this article. For more information, find a Denver electric company you can trust by calling Sparks Electric today.

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Electrical Wiring

Problems with your electrical wiring can mean major–sometimes dangerous–issues down the road. Don’t wait for a big problem to occur. Watch for these signs that it’s time to replace your electrical wiring.

1. You notice frayed wires

Damage to the electrical wiring in your home can cause the system to be inefficient and dangerous. Wires can sustain damage from nails and screws or become cracked and frayed because of heat, age, and corrosion. Call a trusted, professional electrician to replace damaged wires and prevent damage to your electrical system and home.

2. Heat and scorch marks

Take time to touch each of your home’s outlets and switches. They should feel cool with no temperature variations or hot spots. If you notice places on the switches or outlets that feel warm–or you notice visible scorch marks–you need to call a professional electrician immediately. Warm spots and scorching are signs of hazardous wiring conditions.

3. Circuit breakers frequently tripping

Do you have to take frequent trips to the circuit breaker box to reset the breakers? This could be a sign that your home’s circuits are overloaded. This is not only annoying–it can also indicate more significant problems with your home’s electrical wiring system that require improvement. A professional electrician will evaluate your circuits and correct any issues they find.

4. Smoke

Seeing smoke is always a sign of a problem, which is certainly true if your electrical wiring produces smoke. If you see smoke coming from an appliance, outlet, or from along your baseboards, turn off your main circuit breaker and call an electrician immediately. They will identify the source of the smoke and correct any issues with your electrical wiring, including replacing frayed or damaged wires.

5. Dimming lights

Have you ever noticed that the lights in one part of your home become dimmer when you turn on another appliance? This indicates that your circuits are overloaded or your electrical wiring needs to be updated. Call an electrician to assess your circuits and replace any wiring that may be faulty or unsafe.

These and other signs of outdated electrical wiring can occur in homes of any age. If you haven’t given your electrical wiring much thought or attention, or you’re noticing changes in your electrical system, call a professional electrician to ensure your system is safe and up-to-date.

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