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What are the Four Types of Electricians?

There are four different types of electricians: industrial, specialty, commercial, and residential. Electricians play a vital role in our society by keeping our homes and businesses running efficiently.

Who are Electricians?

Electricians are trained specialists who maintain, install, and repair electrical systems. A huge variety of tasks fall under this category, including:

  • Installing wiring for industrial machinery or residential light fixtures
  • Installing sprinklers
  • Maintaining the electrical grid that delivers electricity to a city or state

The Four Types of Electricians

Journeyman Electrician

A journeyman electrician is the most common electrician. They are extremely skilled and qualified to work on all sorts of electrical projects. To become a journeyman, an electrician must possess at least two years of training and experience in the field and pass an exam by their state’s licensing board. Property owners may contact a journeyman electrician for several different projects, such as repairing broken wiring and installing new light fixtures in their home or office building.

Residential Specialist

The residential electrician is responsible for maintaining and installing electrical systems in residences. This may include little projects, like updating a circuit breaker panel or installing light fixtures. They also work on bigger projects such as electrical remodeling.

Residential electricians usually work right with homeowners and could be hired to do maintenance work like installing new outlets or repairing existing wiring.

To be a residential electrician, you’ll need at least two years of fieldwork before taking the National Exam for Journeyman Lineman. You will also have to pass this test before you can get your license from the state board where you reside.

Commercial Specialist

Commercial property owners typically employ commercial electricians. They’re responsible for maintaining the electrical systems in commercial buildings. Several states require that a commercial electrician obtains a commercial electrician’s license before working on big projects such as warehouses, hospitals, and office buildings.

Besides a journeyman’s license, a commercial electrician could need additional specialized training because of the demands of these sorts of projects. These job types frequently entail complex wiring configurations or power requirements that don’t occur in standard residential applications.

Master Electrician

You can hire a master electrician to work on new remodeling projects, construction projects, or routine repairs and maintenance. A master electrician has the highest level of experience and skills available. They are certified and licensed to work in all phases of electrical work.

They are expert electricians. They have passed the licensing exam and completed their training. Property owners can hire a master electrician for all sorts of electrical projects.

A master electrician must endure long years of training, gaining lots of experience. They must know everything about the other three types of electrician jobs too.

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