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Professional HVAC Services In Denver CO

We don’t really think about our air conditioning system until there is something wrong with it. However, when it does break down or cause an issue, we can’t live without it. This generally results in frantic calls to HVAC service providers in the area. While some are lucky to get help within no time, others have to wait for hours, or over a day for their HVAC contractor to arrive and fix their air conditioning unit. We all know how hard the wait can be in the Denver winters. Thus, it is important to maintain your HVAC system properly in order to save costly repairs and ensure a long life span of your unit. Moreover, having a reliable contractor in your contact who provides professional HVAC services in Denver CO is important in avoiding such situations. In this article, we will discuss preventative maintenance tips and professional HVAC services in Denver CO.

Check Your Filters

Checking your filter monthly is important as a clean filter increases the efficiency of your HVAC system. A dirty filter, on the other hand, makes your unit work harder to maintain the set temperature. This will reduce the airflow and the energy-efficiency of your unit. Thus, you should ensure that the filters aren’t dirty or clogged. In case it is, you should wash it and if it is too dirty, you should get it changed. Irrespective, you should change your filter every 2-3 months to maintain your system’s efficiency and minimize your power bills.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Dirt, grime, leaves, pollen and other debris collected around your outdoor condenser unit can clog its metal fins. Check your outdoor unit regularly and ensure that the area surrounding it is clear. You can use a water hose to spray the fins of the unit to ensure it stays clean and functions properly. Additionally, make sure that the outdoor unit is kept on a level base. If the unit is tilted, the refrigerants in the system can get disjointed, causing your system to break down.

Check the Drain Pipes

A clogged drain pipe is a common cause of HVAC system breakdown. As your system takes moisture from the air, the drain pipes can accumulate the moisture. After months of operation, dirt and dust can clog the pipes, potentially leading to algae and mold.

Check the unit’s drain pipe and clean it if there is any contamination. Remove the outer cover and clean the drain line with a clean piece of cloth. Moreover, you can clean it with a wet-dry vacuum to get rid of any dirt present in the drainage. You can also use bleach or a solution of water and vinegar to clean the mold present in the pipes.

Regular Professional Maintenance

Lasty, but most importantly, you must call a licenced technician who provides professional HVAC services in Denver CO twice a year. The technician will inspect everything including the coils, drainage system, refrigerant levels, air filter, voltage, heat exchanger, etc. A regular check-up of the system ensures that your system does not break down unexpectedly during the harsh winters or summers. Preventative maintenance helps your system run smoothly and efficiently, keeping your power bills low and avoiding unexpected expensive repairs.

Following the above mentioned tips can keep your system healthy and maximize its life span, saving you money in the long-run.