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Have a New Electric Vehicle at Home? Contact Sparks Electric LLC for Electric Car Charger Installation in Denver.

With the latest technological advancements and increased availability, people have started preferring electric vehicles over conventional means of transportation. The improved awareness and responsibility to become a sustainable society have also made people opt for EVs. With passing years, major household car companies have started launching electric vehicles and the numbers are only going to grow from here. The future is electric and people have started embracing and loving the change. 

However, the infrastructure to support a such rise in the usage of electric vehicles, that is EV charger infrastructure, is not keeping up with the evolution. The number of public electric charging stations is minuscule in number compared to gasoline stations. And so it is important that people have the means to charge their electric vehicles in the comfort of their homes, rather than searching for charging stations. 

It is not possible to efficiently charge your EV with your standard home sockets. And so you need a professional EV Charger Installation Company in Denver, CO! Contact Sparks Electric LLC today for safe, secure, and compatible home EV charger installation. 

EV Charger Installation Denver
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Types of EV Chargers and Residential EV Charger Installation in Denver

Most people are unaware of the fact that there are three types of electric chargers used to charge your EV and can be installed based on the requirements of the client. Following are the EV chargers that can be installed by our electricians in Denver, 

Level 1 EV Charger

As the name states, this one is a very basic charger that comes along with the EV. This can work with your standard house sockets. However, this works at 120V and hence the charging speed is slow. If you prefer to charge your car overnight every day at home, this would be your best bet. Our experts can help check your standard garage sockets or install one so that your safety is guaranteed.

Level 2 EV Charger

As the level increases, the charger becomes faster and works with 240V sockets. This can add up to 70 miles of range to your vehicle in an hour. If you prefer this kind of speed while charging your vehicle, contact Sparks – the best EV Charger Installation Company in Denver, CO. This is the most popular option and you need assistance from expert electricians in Denver for safe installation.

Level 3 EV Charger

These chargers require industrial grade power supply to work and are extremely fast. They can charge your EV up to 80% in around thirty minutes. Since it requires a high voltage power supply, it is not feasible to install the same in homes. Hence, the most tangible option is to choose between Level 1 and Level 2 EV chargers.

Steps Involved in EV Charger Installation in Denver, CO

Our EV charger installation experts can help you choose the right option for you and install the same at your garage or wherever you prefer to park and charge your vehicle. The following are the steps involved in the installation process,

  • Hiring the right electricians in Denver to install your residential charger.
  • Choosing the right charger model based on your car model and charging requirements. 
  • Make the necessary changes to your electrical systems for safe and efficient charging operation.
  • Avoid unwanted replacement costs since circuit breakers can be reset, unlike fuses.
  • Installing your EV charge in compliance with the national and state legislation for safe operation.

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