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Advantages of Preventative A/C Maintenance At the Office

Fall is approaching soon in Denver, CO, and in no time, winters will be here. It is the best time to perform routine maintenance on your A/C to make it ready for colder months. A well-maintained heating system operates efficiently, and the chances of breaking down are decreased.

Six preventative A/C maintenance tips for winter suggested by the experts of preventative A/C maintenance in Denver are:

Clean the air filters: having clean air filters is crucial. Therefore, experts suggest cleaning them every three to six months. Dirty filters restrict the flow of the airflow, thereby reducing the entire efficiency of the system. Clogged filters make the motor work harder. An overwhelmed motor can get stressed and burn out, resulting in significant damage. So replacing the filters is an intelligent thing. Replacing a clogged and dirty filter with a clean one can help you lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

Clean the coils: A dirty coil reduces the airflow and insulates the coil, reducing its ability to absorb the heat. To avoid this problem, it is best to clean the evaporator coil once a year. The outdoor condenser coils can be very dirty, so minimizing the debris and dirt near the condenser unit is best to keep them clean. It is crucial for adequate airflow around the condenser.

Clean it well: Before you stop using A/C in the fall, it is best to clean it off and take preventive measures. Clean the unit and dry it very nicely to ensure it stays fine over the winter. However, with the size and number of parts inside the A/C unit, the job is tedious and requires the proper tools to clean the air conditioner’s inside thoroughly. It is best to seek assistance from an air conditioning service provider to ensure that the unit is cleaned and checked thoroughly, inside and out.

Cover it up: One of the simple tips is by covering the A/C unit in the fall and winter. COvering helps in not only keeping the debris out but also the rain, snow, and ice. Leaving the A/c exposed to harsh weather leaves it less than ready for summers. It is essential to take proper preventative measures to ensure that the unit lasts longer and you have it up and running when needed.

Check the thermostat: With the change in the season, it is recommended to reprogram the thermostat. Though it might look time-consuming, it is an absolute must. The thermostats should be calibrated once a year during the shift in the season. It ensures that the air conditioners aren’t unnecessarily working and helps in keeping the energy bills down.

Performing all these steps alone may seem to be a gigantic task. So hire Sparks Heating & Air professionals to do it for you. A well-trained professional will do the preventative A/C maintenance in Denver and ensure that your unit runs smoothly. Contact us for more details